Nature Destinations

One of the most beautiful regions in Mexico, the Sierra Gorda is set apart by its stunning biodiversity, and by the efforts to preserve this natural wonder through sustainable development. With everything from pristine cloud forests, to steamy jungles to semi-arid deserts, you'll find a unique range of habitats and ecosystems supporting a variety of species. In addition to its many ecosystems and impressive mountain vistas, the area is famous for its crystal clear rivers, limestone caves and sinkholes. The destinations featured below are particularly great places for both nature-enthusiasts and those simply looking to reconnect with nature, showcasing some of the best natural sites to be found within the Biosphere.

Cuatro Palos Viewpoint

Located in one of the highest, most spectacular ridges of the Sierra Gorda, this place will leave you breathless due to its vistas and the transition between ecosystems. At the tip of the “Half Moon...


El Chuvejé Waterfall

The Chuveje Waterfall is a favourite destination for those who visit the Sierra Gorda. Almost 30 metres tall, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Queretaro State, whose waters form a magnificent...


La Trinidad

The small Nahuatl community of La Trinidad, in the municipality of Xilitla, is located in some of the wildest and most spectacular zones of the Sierra Gorda. Visiting the place is almost like travelling...


Escanela River

Protected by ancient plane trees, the crystal clear current of the Escanela River descends from the heights of the Sierra, where, as it plays with the limestone rock, has formed two unique features: The...


Las Adjuntas

Las Adjuntas is the place where two rivers converge, the Ayutla, with its cold, clear water and the Santa Maria, with warm, earth-colored waters that originate in Guanajuato.  In spite of the close...