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Sierra Gorda Products

By purchasing any one of these unique products from the Sierra Gorda, you’ll not only be taking home a beautiful memento from your visit, you’ll be directly supporting local communities – and especially women – to build sustainable livelihoods. Using traditional techniques and local materials, Sierra Gorda Productos sales also help communities to preserve their rich cultural heritage. Support local artisans – and the Sierra Gorda – on your visit!


Discover traditional, handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic pieces at the "Mariposas" workshop (Butterfly Ceramics). Ceramic classes also available.


Embroidered Clothing and Homewares

Featuring both traditional and modern designs, the La Colgada workshop produces quality, affordable clothes and homewares, all made with natural fibers and materials.


Natural Remedies

You’ll find a range of organic beauty, health and cleaning products made by the talented herbalists at Remedios Valen, all containing natural extracts from plants found in the Sierra Gorda.


Artisanal Cheeses

Try our range of tasty and organic local goat and cows milk mature cheeses, produced at Rancho Tonatico, all handmade and aged in the on-site cheese cellar.


Natural Foods

Some of Mexico’s tastiest produce is grown in the hills and valleys of the Sierra Gorda. Try our preserves or honey from La Casita Ecológica.


Gift Shop

Visit our one-stop shop to find the very best of Sierra Gorda products and produce, conveniently located on the grounds of the Sierra Gorda Alliance.


Learn Traditional Crafts and Cooking!

Workshops with local artisans now available - find out more!