Natural Remedies and Health Products 

Surrounded by an incredible diversity of plant life, it’s no surprise that talented herbalists like Doña Valen can produce a vast range of natural remedies and health care products in the Sierra Gorda. Using extracts from plants grown in her own garden or collected from nearby forests, Doña Valen’s products offer a natural, and sustainable alternative to the harsh chemicals usually found in health and beauty products.

Products include:
  Natural health and wellbeing remedies
  Soaps and other skin and body care lotions
  Organic shampoos and conditioners

And the best part is that not only are these products good for your health, they also support rural business and the sustainable development of the Biosphere Reserve.

Where to buy

Gift Shop at the Sierra Gorda Alliance. Avenida la Presa S/N,  76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Casa de Artesanías Jalpan, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Casa de Artesanías Tancoyol, Plaza principal, Tancoyol, Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Jalpan Historical Museum, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

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Producer Partner: Doña Valen's Remedies

Always interested in plants and nature, Doña Valen began making natural remedies 18 years ago, after attending a course in herbal medicine run by a local priest. Since then, she’s been busy making natural remedies and has now expanded into skin and beauty products.

Her remedies soon became popular, with family, friends, and then her broader community all becoming regular clients. When she outgrew her makeshift kitchen workshop, Grupo Eológico saw the potential she had to create a successful business from her work, and supported the building of a new workshop as well as further training.

Today, Valen’s products continue to be in demand, not only providing her and her family with a sustainable income, but with the sense of pride that comes from self-sufficiency.

Book a workshop

Groups of 15 to 60 people can learn to make a vapo-rub or ointment in just two hours. At the end, you'll be able to take your product with you. Ages 11 and up.


With Grupo Ecologico's support, Doña Valen runs her own successful herbal remedy business.